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At Uniko Coffee, we believe the perfect cup of coffee can be the perfect companion to any meal.


CUSINE: Mexican, Italian, India, Spanish, Asian

Coffees: Mexico, Peru, Ethiopia Harrar, Ethiopia Sidamo, Brazil, Baristi Blendl Kaldi Blend, Swiss Water Decaf.


CUSINE: French, German, American, Middle Eastern

Coffees: Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Monsoon, Brazil, Baristi (blend), Kaldi (blend), Swiss Water Decaf


CUSINE: Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Greek

Coffees: Indonesia, Sumatra, Peru, Ethiopia Sidano, Costa Rica, Brazil, Baristi (blend), Abrazo, Swiss Water Decaf


CUSINE: Desserts

Coffees: Indian Monsoon, Brazil, Baristi (blend), Kaldi (blend), Swiss Water Decaf

Our Coffee Bags

Our coffee bags are designed to help guide you to your perfect cup of coffee. Each bag has primary color to show you which cuisine it will best complement. The smaller strips of color will show you other categories of cuisine that will also go well with your coffee